Listening to God

We had a good night of racing Friday. It was great not to see any big damage this week. I want to thank those that joined in prayer. Jon is doing much better and my wife is also slowly recovering. We will continue to pray for those in MN, the miners and the family’s from

The Refining Fire of the LORD

It was a good night of racing Friday. It was neat to see several racing multiple divisions and it was cool to see the super late out again. All four divisions put on good races. Hopefully the four drivers involved in the crashes of the Madison Lates are okay. Last I talked to them they

Championship Night

What a great night of racing! We race all season to get to this point and then to have several battles going down to the last race of the season and even one to the last lap is loads of fun. It was cool to talk to the guys and see how different each one