What Are You Thinking About?

We are driving around this afternoon and Manny says the cloud looks like a race car. He is so pre-occupied with racing; he thinks about it a lot. It is good to think about some things a lot, but there is one thing that is clear we are to think about: Philippians 4:8, Finally, brothers, whatever is

Crowned Champion

So it was Championship Night already. Wow the season has gone fast. Now four were crowned and we have one more this coming Friday. As I thought about the night and about just a guy in each division getting “crowned” I thought about the hard work so many did. There are a lot of you

55 MPH

Good to hear Casey is getting home from the hospital. That is an answer to prayer. We take our lives and health for granted far too often. Every day is a blessing from the LORD. This morning I was going down the Interstate and of course getting buzzed by. It is a construction zone posted

Jesus in the Mirror

We are open and running. You guys put on a great show Friday. It was good to see the supers back and the good car count. We will be praying for bandits and legends to increase. I have to start with a reminder to all to pray for Casey Burns and for the Miller’s (Scott

Show Cars (part 2)

If you look at most of the show cars you can see that they are not real. There is not an engine or if there is, it is not a real engine. It reminds me that there are a lot of people just going to church or people who think they are safe when it

Awana Grand Prix

This message was given at an AWANA Grand Prix at DeForest Evangelical Free Church Welcome I want to talk about a couple of things: What do you need to have to race? fuel, engine, tires, oil,…Tons of other things, big and small. Just one little part can put you in the pits for the race