Draw a Line

So a couple of weeks ago I was at a guys retreat and had some good teaching that I want to share with you. I heard three one point messages: Draw a Line Drive a Stake Set a Mark I am going to share what I got out of them over the next few weeks.

This Great Country

So we got off and running! YA! That was some great racing. As I was driving home and thanking God for the safety to the drivers and team I thought about finishing the study we are in, (what are they? ($10 to the first one to come up to me with the three {Draw a


It is so cool to say we started the season. It was great to see you again. Great job to the Nig 8 and Midwest Tour. They put on a super show and good race. As I prayed Sunday it was a great day, great race, great track and great man we honored Sunday, yet