Good Person Salvation Theory

I get to drive a car once in a while but that certainly does not make me a driver. Let me repeat, that does not make me a driver. There are many that come to church once or twice a year and we would hope they too would know they are not saved. They will

Not Everyone is a Driver

There are millions of race fans but that does not mean they are all drivers. It just means they like it. They get a thrill out of it. They usually talk about driving as if they have driven a car (race car). This group is the group that moved from watching a race on TV

How We Should Pray

Friday we had the privilege of going to Grundy, IL County Speedway with the Mid Am Stock Car Series. What a good night of racing. It was nice to have a good car count and to see good heat and feature racing. I was asked to pray for Tim Goodlet and we will continue to

Another Racing Parallel

Here is the next group. They are the ones that sit in front of their TV’s and watch races. It is cool to watch a race on TV but nothing like being at one. They only see what someone else wants them to see or hear. There is no personal contact. In our culture we

Parallels in Racing

There is a wide spectrum of involvement in racing. It ranges from those who have never heard of it to a champion driver. There are some parallels spiritually. Can you believe there are people that have never heard of racing? That does not seem possible. Of course I am joking around. There are places that