Making Big Adjustments

First thing is a great big thank you to everyone involved in the Faster Pastor Charity Race and the funds raised for the Oregon Food Pantry. Thanks to Steve Cook and the other drivers. Big thanks to the bandit guys that allowed us to use their cars. It was much fun. We have all heard

The Championship

You are living obediently and faithfully walking with God daily, waiting for the great hope of eternal life. There is this guy that is kind of stinking up the place. Jimmie is rolling forward on what could be another championship. He has the team and talent to set priorities and win year after year. They

Joining in Prayer

Join me in praying for Joe Solem and his family. Joe’s girlfriend was killed in a car crash on Friday of last week. Lets pray for the Lord’s comfort at this time and also they would know that the LORD cares for them and loves them. Also pray for the salvation of those that do

Victory in Jesus

So how do you become the driver and in victory Lane? In racing you get with a good team, build good cars, obey the rules, drive well and get a break here and there and see the checkered flag first. Next I hear there is a surge of adrenaline filled with excitement. You pull into

Change Must Occur on the Inside

Now we get to a small group. This group is really in the pits, in the car, driving weekly. They put the time and afford into developing their racing. They are having fun and working hard. So this gets even more challenging as we can sit in church and be active in church and not