God Can!

It was good to see us get the races in on Friday. For a while I did not think we were going to get the run in. I hope that Chad, Kevin, and others are ok after some tough contact. It is always good to hang out and get the stories and updates. I was

He, Jesus, is in Control

One year ago this weekend Ryan Carlson was involved in a bad crash at Rockford. He ended up with a broken back and was in the hospital for some time and then rehab. I had checked up on him and was praying for him. Ryan has a good sense of humor and once remarked that

First Things, First Step

I am sure I was not the only one looking forward to see both the super lates and Madison lates plus the rest of the racing. But there is nothing we can do when God decides we are going to have bad racing weather. We continue to pray for the families that have lost loved

The Guarantee Win

First our thoughts and prays go out to the Johnson and Scheel families and friends. Second, I want to give a shout out to Lee. It is always cool to see a new winner! What if I were to tell you that you were guaranteed a win? What if I said you were going to


What a great night to good racing Friday! It was good racing and good to see some more new faces at the track in the pits and stands. Hopefully we can continue the increase. Congratulations to Kyle on a win in the bandits. It was also really cool to see #56 Dave back in the

Happy 4th of July, Independence Day!

Are you thankful for this country you live in? The USA is a great nation and although it is not a Christian nation we enjoy some of the best freedom anywhere in the world. As I think about independence I think of three things: 1)  There has been great sacrifice for the freedom we enjoy.