Our thoughts and prayers go out to Herman G (The Hermanator) and his family and friends. We received the sad news that Herman lost his young son of 32 years old. The racing community pour out their love to this family. We know at this time that Herman, his family and friends need God to

Seats, Hans device and faith

Too bad to lose another one to rain, but we know God is in complete and sovereign control. We continue to think about the ones that have lost loved ones lately. We are especially praying for the Lettow’s and their friends. It has been a tough season for losses to the race family this summer

Howie Lettow

It is with great sadness we announce that Howie Lettow has passed away. We send out our condolences and prayers to Cheryl, as well as all of Howie’s family and friends. Howie will always be known as one of the greatest crew chiefs in Wisconsin and the Midwest. He had major impact on many drivers’

God Sees, God Knows

We sometimes wonder why God is putting us through things and how can any good come out of it. Here is a good example of not seeing the good until a few months later. The Brinkman’s put together a truck for Kyle and did lots of work to get it ready for the 2010 season.

We Can Easily Wonder, “Why?”

What a tragic accident in California yesterday where an off-road racer rolls his truck into crowd, killing 8. We can easily wonder “why”? Yet we know that that God knows even before He created life each day of our life from begin to end. He set the days. Psalm 139:16 your eyes saw my unformed