Tough week! There seems to be a lot of people really hurting and dealing with pain and loss. We are praying for Paula and Brian Johnson, Howie and his family along with the Dassow’s and many others. It makes missing the race Friday pretty minor. Please continue to pray for those around us as a

Sue McKarns

It is with sadness that I learned today of the passing of Sue McKarns. Our prayer and thoughts go out to Gregg McKarns and his family and those close to the McKarns. We pass on our sympathy. We all know this is a loss to racing in the Midwest. The McKarns family has touched everyone


We had a good night of racing and again it was fun to see some other new heat winners. That is always good to have others get to participate in winning. We should be as driven to see others win as God is. He wants all to “win” – salvation (2 Peter 3:15). I was