Happy New Year 2011

It’s that time of year. We are setting goals and making resolutions. Goals like five wins, tens wins, a championship, no DNF’s, build a new car… Maybe goals like stopping smoking, losing 10 pounds, or improve our marriage… Maybe on a spiritual level – to get to church, join a Bible study, or attend a

Merry Christmas 2010

What a great time of the year Christmas can be if we can remove the clutter. We can get tied up with running from house to house, which is fun but not the reason or needed focus for the season. We can get tied up with gifts, getting and giving. We can get tied up


Do you get excited about this time of year? In my house, there is A LOT of excitement! There is the anticipation of Christmas, gifts, family, songs, food, shopping and so forth. In racing, there is a lot of excitement of anticipated events, when it is announced a driver is coming to town, or the