Sponsorship Needed

There is a buzz I hear a lot. It goes like this, “If we get sponsorship, we will…”  Or, “We are running this if we get sponsors”.   Or, “Our sponsor wants us to…”. I know that getting sponsorship is a big part of racing from the team/owner side, to the tracks, to the series. It


Take a moment to remember those who have served and are now serving this great country. The last of the WWI veterans was laid to rest this week. Frank Buckles died at the age of 110 and was buried Tuesday at Arlington National Cemetery. It ends an era of men and women that fought for

Be the Godly Parent God Wants You to Be

This week, as we again had so many things happening around us, and I was reading 1 Samuel, I was reminded of what is really important. Here in the state of Wisconsin there is a political struggle going on. I have heard words thrown around like this, “this is like the Holocaust”, or it is