Faithful Friend

We said goodbye to a faithful friend last night, Bob Schmelzer. Bob meant a lot to a lot of people and you could hear that echoed. I want to reiterate some of what I said and a little more of what I was thinking about. Many of us got to enjoy Bob giving us a

Thanks Lord From One Undeserving

We were sitting around in a church leadership meeting Thursday and one of the guys who farms asked for us to pray for rain and I said that would be great except not tomorrow as there is a big charity event at the track. We decided we would pray for rain at his farm and

Bob Schmelzer

It is in sadness I write with the passing of Bob Schmelzer. He was always fun to talk with and hang around with. He seemed to know everyone and was at his best with young OTC students teaching them the do’s and don’t’s at the gate. He was a wealth of racing insight and information

Prayer Needed – August 6, 2011

Shocking news continues as a helicopter went down in Afghanistan with what sounds like over 30 dead. Sonny C had an issue at the track and we are praying for him. We continue to pray for Bob S and also Don L. Plus the young man injured in the plane crash earlier in the week.