Breathe slowly, Soak it in

One of the keys to great athletes is slowing down, pausing, breathing, gathering their thoughts. We see it in lots of sports. In racing the adrenaline rushes through the body. It is not just in sports, it is in a lot of different things in life. We can feed off of the drug. Those that

Beginning to the End

Can you believe how fast the season went? It seems we just started. First thing we have to do is thank the Lord for safety this season. Yes there were some cars torn up at times, but if my memory serves me right, Scott Broughton was the worst accident. Also thanks to John Wells for

Stand Firm, Stand United

Here we are at the 10 year anniversary of the 911 attack. It has been a difficult 10 years with great loss of life. As I think of this anniversary, I must first think of the families that lost loved ones. O Lord would You provide them comfort as this weekend comes upon us? Second,