Merry Christmas

Each year it is hard to think of a different message for Christmas. As I sat, thought and prayed about it I had this come to mind and heart to share with you. May we think, pray and worship together! One of the big things right now is the “wrap”. We see cars, vans, buses,

Pray now for those in Newtown

We cannot pretend to know or understand what and why things happened like they did today in Newtown, CT but we can pray what is below and ask God to comfort those that are mourning. May God somehow reveal Himself to the families; those with the school; friends and the community. Matthew 5:2-10 He (Jesus)

Survey of John

From Rockford to LaCrosse and Madison in between; From Green Flag to Checkered Flag; Chapter One to Twenty One; If you missed a week or just want notes here is a brief overview of the survey we did of the Book of John this season. I want to thank Gregg at Rockford and John at

Happy Thanksgiving

The race is over. There is a winner circling the track and they pull in to victory lane, unbuckle, full of emotion and jump, out of the car. The announcer has the mic ready and barks out the winner for the day… The driver goes right to thanking the crew and then the sponsors. Sometimes

Veterans Day

Thank you! On this weekend and hopefully each day we should be finding and thanking those that serve and have served this country. No matter what we think of Tuesday election we still have more freedom than most countries and for sure we live with more entertainment, better housing and utilities, more access to food