Happy July 4th, 2012

First, we need to lift up those in Colorado. We pray for those that have lost homes and had damages. It is hard to put into words the sorrow I, we, have as we see the power of the fire flames over the mountain tops. Yet there is one more powerful that we look to.

What’s Your Banner?

Flag Day 2012 One of the cool things at the race track is the banners and flags up all over the track, pits, parking lot. We see them everywhere. There are flags for the favorite driver, banners for the sponsors and of course there are the flags that govern the race at the flag stand.

Looking For…

Have you heard the guys talk about, “man we just need to find some more speed” or I just need to find the fast line, or way around this place. As soon as we do we are going to be in the top…” Drivers and teams are always looking for that true fast lap. It

30 Something

What are the things that matter when you go out to race? Lug nuts tight; fuel; buckled up; window net locked in place; oil pressure up; water for radiator; motor check over; breaks working … along with about a thousand other things. Is there any more important than another? In some ways, yes but in