The Winner is…

One of the great moments is when the driver crosses the finish line and pulls into victory lane and the announcement is made, “Today’s winner is…” The crowd goes crazy and the team, family, friends are joy-filled in celebration. You all race for that, to be a victory. What if I told you, “You can’t

Great Weekend!

This is a great weekend! Friday we celebrated Flag Day. It is a special day to remind ourselves and our family what the flag stands for. Some year I will write out my Dad’s VFW flag presentation speech he gives to school kids. Sunday we celebrate Father’s Day and it is great to be able

Very sad – Jason Leffler

We lift up the open wheel racing community as they lost another competitor and good guy. Jason Leffler died in a 410 sprint race and leaves behind a wife and young son. Our prayer continues for safety in race and now for another family and group of friends and fans. May we pray: Psalm 10:17

Too Heavy of a Weight!

The kids and I were talking that other day. I was trying to give them a word picture of sin and the effect on our lives. I told one of them that if sin is like a weight and we keep piling it on it does not take long for us to crumble under its