Take Aim

Every year race drivers and teams take aim at winning, finishing in the  top 5, or making the race; depending on who they are and the season/race. If you have no goals (no aim) you don’t have to worry about where you finish. Most, if not all, successful teams have goals that they aim for.

Who Won Practice?

Have you ever been asked that? I have not been asked that. It is always, “Who won (the race)?” I know guys that go out and win practice and then when it comes to qualifying and racing they are mid-pack or worse. Now you can learn things in practice but I know of times where

Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone has a safe Fourth of July. It is a good day to remember what a great country we live in. We have so much more than most in this world thus making it tough to know if we are blessed or cursed. Think about that for a minute with me. Here is