The Search

How hard do you search for speed? My guess is you search pretty hard. I know you search a lot. When you need that tenth you will do whatever it takes to find it. We search for other things too. We search for the right job, the right mate, the right house. We search for

Memorial Day 2014

As we come to another Memorial Day and another year where this nation has lost soldiers in conflict I hope we pause and think about the families that have lost loved ones. I hope we stop and thank a soldier, whether they are serving now or served in the past. I hope you stop and

Which Way to Turn?

In the pits at MIS there is one way traffic coming off the track and going around the pits to wherever your pit stall is. It is the same at most tracks. At Lacrosse and Oktoberfest it is a big deal too. Going the wrong way can cost you. Going down the interstate is one

Bruce Mueller

It is with deep condolence and sadness to hear of Bruce Mueller’s passing into eternity. Bruce will be remembered for building strong engine with B&B and a fun guy to be around and talk with. May we pray for comfort and strength for friends and family as they grieve. Psalm 86:1 Incline your ear, O