He’s Back

We have all heard that saying that he or she is back. That of course is the headlines this week in Cleveland. I am not a pro basketball at all but it was hard to miss the announcement. We hear that at the track too. A guy will return after being a way and you

The News This Week

The news this week has not been good. It was very sad to hear yesterday the events in the Ukraine with the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and killing almost 300 people; with the hundreds of deaths this week in Israel and around the Gaza Strip; with the Typhoon Rammasun in the Pacific

A Father’s Wise Instruction

In racing when you look at the mentor and student there are two different roles. There needs to be solid teaching by the mentor and the student needs to listen and then follow through with the lesson. If either role is not serious it will not work. If the mentor does not teach well the

Happy Fourth of July 2014

I am praying for a good and safe July 4th for all. It is a great day to come together and be thankful for the nation we live in. God placed each of us exactly where He wanted us to be. It is a weekend that we need to take a moment and reflect on