Ice Bucket #1

WOW! I am completely impressed with the brilliance behind the marketing of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Can you remember anything growing and spreading this rapidly, other than some bad flu bugs? I cannot. This has brought to mind a lot of thoughts but I want to talk about the two I cannot seem to

Like Father Like Son

At Marshfield Jim Sauter, Jr rolled out a new car and they were searching for speed. What was cool was when THE Jim Sauter (Sr) came to the pits and I got to watch the team and Mr Sauter work on the car finding speed. They found a bunch and had an ok race, I


I have purposefully waited and prayed about the Kevin Ward Jr. / Tony Stewart incident. I don’t know what was going on in either one of their hearts or minds but please consider this: We never now when our last breath will be taken so we need to know we are saved and have found


In the last month there has been some major announcements and change in the local Midwest racing community. Gregg McKarns stepped down from Rockford Speedway and the Big 8 Series. Doug and Julie Strasburg have changed their duties at Mid American Stock Car Series and are looking to step back. Steve Einhaus stepped away from