Remember Back When?

Remember back to that great race? It was Trickle and Reffner side by side at the Dells when Back went three wide or was it Shear and Trickle at Capital and John Ziegler? The memory sometimes can get fuzzy from years ago. Worse is when you think of the week before and can’t remember if

Every Lap Counts

Whether it is a 500 lap enduro or a 7 lap heat race every lap counts. Do you think most drivers, teams and fans would agree? I think that they do. You have to be learning with every lap and you have to be focused every lap. It may seem like they are just logging


One of the great attributes of a successful race track is consistency. One example is Jefferson Speedway. You know what you’re getting every Saturday night. The show starts at the same time. The rules are clear. The food is the same. The personnel are close to the same and night after night, year after year