Back to the Beginning Again

So you get nine races into the season and it seems like a lot is the same each week yet each night is new and different. The winners are different. The number of cautions is different. The drivers are different, some new ones, some are not about to make it. But as drivers, teams, fans

Where To Get Started?

Think about building a car. Where do you start? Chassis? Motor? Sponsor? Crew? The rules? Where you start is important in building a car and a race team. Where you start in many things is important. Think about school and the things being taught there. Do you start with 1+1 or the square root of

Who’s Talking

Have you ever been in a big crowd and you can’t tell who it is that is speaking or listening on the scanner and think, “who’s voice is that”? At the track it can be loud and hard to hear who is talking. Sometimes I even wonder when the kids are talking where did that