Getting Back Up

Have you had a tough night at the track? It is always good to get back to the track. It is kind of like falling off the bike or a horse when you are young. It is best to get back on the bike or horse as soon as you can. As we have gone

Is This True About You?

First, our condolences go out to Sam Bartus’ friends and family. Mr Bartus had a huge impact on racing in Wisconsin. I pray that God bring comfort to Sam’s family and friends. Testing, that word could mean a lot of different things to different people. Ask a teenager that and they probably recoil as they

Are you Rich?

Do you get annoyed by being told over and over what the rules are? Are you one of those who needs to be reminded often what the rules are? Do you tune out the race director when he talks about the rules? You could easily do that in this part of Proverbs as God comes