Swing and a Miss (Part 2)

So we are back, remember we were talking about sin and what we do with it when we see it in our life. When you find a problem with the car what do you do? Do you ignore it and hope it just goes away? Of course not. You dig in until you find the root

Swing and a Miss (Part 1)

You have heard the guy say they took a big swing at things and made some big changes to get the car fast. You have also heard the guy say that they have been chasing the problems all season only to get to the “off season” and tear the car down to find the root

A Direct Hit

This may be a little strange to talk about in chapel or on a chaplain’s blog but have you been punched? How about right in the nose? You know my past and yes there were times. I remember one in particular that I got a direct hit and the guy was not very strong but

Gold or Silver?

Do you want to be the winner of tonight’s race? Why? Why do we want to win so badly? What is it that would drive a person to focus so much of our life on getting to the finish line first? Why would someone spend hours in a shop working on a car? Because of