Flat Tire

How long do you drive around on a flat tire? Not very long, because if you do you are going to wreck. Yet too often we have sin in our life and go on with life. Stop and really think about that as you get ready for the next set of verses. Proverbs 18:1 Whoever

It’s HOT Outside!

It is so hot this week. It shows us how frail we are. It also shows us that our comfort window is pretty small. First, the heat shows us our need for Jesus and our need for Him as our fortress, our protector, and the living water. This week we all have a great need

Who Checked That?

Again we stop to pray first for those in France under attack and those in the unrest in Turkey and now three more fall police Office in Baton Rouge. This world is in need of Jesus. Our hearts break over the violence that is so wide spread. We have seen it, something goes wrong on

Street Drags

Breaking News: We need to first stop and pray. With all that is going on with the shootings we need to be in prayer for this country. We are headed in a bad direction and reaping the product of sin. We have little or no value on life and now look at what is happening.