Thanksgiving 2016

First I want to express my condolences Ron Blood and family for the loss of his grandson and to Arne Thompson for the loss of Jodi, Arne’s wife. Also praying for Andrew and Aly as they all go through the grieving of close loss. May God comfort you and show His grace and kindness to


Oh, wait, maybe not. That was heart-wrenching to watch Sunday. I rarely get to see any NASCAR races but last week was an exception. I got home and there was about 120 laps left so we watched it. We were pretty excited to see Matt take the lead and looking good. It looked like he

Election 2016

First I want to thank each and every person that is serving or has served in the armed forces. We have so many freedoms because of your sacrifice. I thank the families also as I know they too have sacrificed as their loved ones serve. Thank you! As you know I have stayed away from


First, my heart has been heavy with the killing of more police officers this week. I am praying often for the families that I know that serve and for the families, departments and friends of the fallen officers. This is weighing heavy on my heart. I cannot imagine what they are going through as they