The Facts (Part 2)

So we talked about avoiding alcohol and driving and not being on the phone or texting and driving. Here are some more facts. One of five will died from a heart attack. This is followed by cancer; respiratory problems; ‘accidents’; stroke; diabetes. Notice one interesting fact. Most on that list have a connection to eating

The Facts (Part 1)

A quote from the New York Times: “Here’s a pop quiz. Rank the following in order of the number of American lives they claim in a typical year: food, guns, terrorists, flu and cars. Ready? The most deadly are automobiles, which kill 117 Americans a day, or nearly 43,000 a year. Then comes flu, which

It’s All About Heart!

We hear that often when talking about athletes. They have the heart to succeed. They have the heart to overcome. What does this mean? What it means is they are really focused. They are driven to overcome obstacles. They will push through the pain. They will push through being tired. They will focus longer than