Man, It Was the Other Guy

The cars go spinning, there is a crash, cars in the wall, damage is done and the emotions are running hot and loud. We have all seen that played out at the track and outside of the track at work and in families, in the gym, at school, etc. Rarely is the case when the

Oh, the Stories

It is fun to sit or stand around listening to the old timers tell the stories of their life. The great races in what was the greatest time of American racing. It happened right here in Wisconsin, in the Midwest. The names read like and hall of fame for short track racing. There are those

Warning, Wreck Ahead

You can either take the warning of the spotter seriously and avoid the accident or not. You can choose to listen to the raceceiver or not. You can either obey or ignore the black flag. Each one has good or bad consequences but in each case just like with life we have to make the

Strict Training

First, happy July 4th and thank you to each person that has served this country or are serving. Also, thank you to the law enforcement men and women, hospital and emergency workers. Thank you for your sacrifice. We are back on the subject of wisdom and being wise. Do you want to be strong, I