Happy Easter 2018

The other day we were talking about scams. So many have experienced being scammed. A family that used to live by us returned to say hello. It was great to visit. We got on the subject of scams and the son shared how they had been scammed for their wedding. The people doing the scamming


Many years we are able to retreat as men of our local church. A lot of fun happens, a little work and some teaching. We enjoy just hanging out together. One of the highlights, maybe second to the time spent on the range, is the camp fire. I am kind of known as the fire

Pi Day

There are some great numbers that are “know” among many. 3.14 Today we celebrate one of those famous numbers with pie. 007 Bond, James Bond 911 tied with 0 as in ground zero 666 Not the nice thing to think about but it transitions us to Biblical numbers of fame 40 Often associated with the

The Cost of a Mislabeled Gear

Here is a story for last season. One of the guys was chasing speed and they just could not get the numbers they wanted. The team decided they needed make a gear change late in the day and hoped it would getting them back at least close to where they wanted to be. The got it in