Half the Job

How does it work for you if you do half the job? Let’s say you are told to change the tires and you change them but only tighten a few of the lug nuts. That is not going to go well. Or let’s say you are on air pressures and you only check and change

Spectator or Participant?

We have talked about this before but let’s do it again. At the race track there are a lot of different people. There are the sponsors, the staff, the pit crews, the fans, the drivers, the emergency workers, the concession workers and so on. Each is needed for a race event. The fans, the spectators


It is time to get the car on the track. The season is starting. There are a good amount of guys that are ready and have been ready. There are some that are going to be right on time as far as having the car ready. Then there are going to be some guys that