Complete the Race

So I know a person that wants to be a sprinter. It is interesting watching him train. I don’t know much about running, it has been years but I remember the training. We always ran longer distances than the event and then would try to increase our speed. Then when the race came we had


We have all used a GPS at one time or another and of course as guys we know the way or a better way and then we hear the words, “Recalculating” and “Turn right in…” It would be funny if after ignoring the voice it just said, “OK go your own way, best of luck,

The Antenna

The other day one of the guys tried to make a call on the radio. Others around him said they could not hear anything. He went through his check list and said “any better now?”. They said, “Loud and clear.” The difference? It was he attached the antenna. I thought what a great illustration of