Can of Worms

Sorry to get you fishermen excited but I am not talking about fishing. Have you ever looked at a job and said “this is not going to be too bad, it will be pretty easy and quick” but in the back of your mind you know it is going to open up a can of worms? Hours later or even days later you are frustrated enough to call in the “expert” to put things back as they should be. Well, we are headed into some verses that I could spend a lot of time in and not have it all covered so I will just briefly look at them and you can drive in deeper during the week.

Proverbs 10:5 He who gathers in summer is a prudent son, but he who sleeps in harvest is a son who brings shame.
God has a perfect timing and a perfect will. He gives us some insight and it is up to us to be alert and listening to Him. We have to be in a real relationship with Him that is not clouded with sin. Stop and really think about that. This verse is reminding us that we need to be alert and paying attention to the LORD. The enemy wants us to get busy or relax. There is a harvest prepared for us if we are fixed on Jesus. How alert were you this week?

Proverbs 10:6 Blessings are on the head of the righteous, but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence.
Proverbs is filled with many verses that show what God wants and what He does not want. We are in a battle against the flesh, the world and the enemy vs. what God, the Spirit wants. In all of these verses God’s intent is to bless us by letting us know truth. It is about making right choices each and every day. God desires for us to be honest. God desires for us to be honest. God desires for us to be honest. Remember in Hebrew when something is said three times it is a way to stress, “this is important”, it is a point of emphasis. Being completely honest is the different from the world and Christ-likeness.

Proverbs 10:7 The memory of the righteous is a blessing, but the name of the wicked will rot.
What kind of memory do you want to leave behind? The kind of driver or team that was always taking advantage of others, the one that seemed to never give an inch even if the car was off that day, the one that others did not want to race tight with because “things” happened? Or the driver and team that helped lend a part or gave enough room to pass or would race clean for as many laps as both cars stayed together? It is the same in life. What kind of person, what kind of friend are you? What kind of husband or wife are you? What kind of Mom or Dad are you? What kind of child are you? Let’s pause here and really think about that. I wonder how ours would answer those questions?
There is a saying that I don’t know if it was mine or someone else’s, “I am a nearly as good as I think I am and I am not nearly as bad as you say I am”. Somewhere in-between is the truth which is I am a sinner in great need of mercy from the LORD Jesus Christ. I plead with You LORD. I confess and I repent. Change me.

Proverbs 10:8 The wise of heart will receive commandments, but a babbling fool will come to ruin.
When it is time to be corrected, whether that is on the race track, or at the job or at home, how do you receive that correction? I know it is easy to get defensive but is that right? Is that the best thing to do? I listened to one young guy recently and as I asked what he learned from an experience that was not the outcome he had hoped for, he just shifted to a different question and did not answer my question. He had learned nothing at least at this time. It is a good thing to learn God’s commands and follow them (Him). It is not good to just babble and say nothing. Be a wise heart, a wise person and listen to the LORD and receive His teaching. Live them out. He wants to bless you.

Have a great day racin’ in the SONshine. I look forward to seeing you soon at a local race track.

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