December 7, 1941

In a speech to Congress, President Franklin D. Roosevelt called the bombing of Pearl Harbor “a date which will live in infamy.” It was December 7, 1941 and Japanese planes attacked the base in Hawaii. 2,403 died that day and war broke out that would cost thousands of lives.

Many American can’t remember that day but they remember 9/11 when Islamic fighters took over planes killing 2,996 people. Since that day thousands more have been killed in the fight against ISIS. We still see the “Never forget” messages as we get to September 11th each year but we too should be remembering those effected by 12/7/41. I know the numbers of those that fought in WWII are getting smaller by the day but to those still out there I say thank you! Dad, I am so proud of how you served this nation. I know war is ugly and it leaves behind scars for all who serve in combat. May we remember those who served and are serving in the forces today and say thank you.

To the men and women and their families I say THANK YOU!

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