Famous Chapters of the Bible – Genesis 1

Unlike other sports there is never controversy in racing. There is never a dispute over what engine is right or tire is best or if there is a legal or illegal part being used. There is never a question of traction control being used or a fuel additive. There is never a clash over position on the track or a call by the tower. There is never an agreement over how many wins did Dick Trickle really have or who was the greatest. All of those are obviously not true. There are plenty of disagreements in racing just as there are in other sports. I say all that to lead us into one of, if not the most important yet controversial, chapters in the Bible. It is the foundation of God’s Word and will affect much of our doctrinal thinking and how we interpret the Bible. Let’s dig in.

In the beginning – When, This is the starting point. The commencement. The design and foundation. God – Who, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit Created – What, God began to make things and we see the order of those things in the following verses Where and what did God start with? The heavens and the earth. So, let’s start in with some of the debated items. We can eliminate the theory, hypothesis, of evolution as some say because there is a declared, stated creator. That means we have a creator and His name is God. Next, in verse two we see a second piece of the trinity, the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is introduced to us. The word used here is ruwach and is followed by the word elohiym. This is the same word, name used in verse one. It is God. It is interesting to note that it is in the plural form, more than one, not gods, but God.

Verse four and five, God turns the lights on and calls it good. Oh wait, He also gives name to the light and darkness, Day and Night. Each of these words are distinctive. I say that to point to this, you cannot mix up day with night or light and darkness. At the end of these verses are the following words, “And there was evening and there was morning the first day. Did you know that the word that we translate to make it read easier is “first” echad ? This word used elsewhere is translated “one” 687 times and a better use. So we could say “one day” Stop! Yes, I am saying this happened in one day on day one. We are talking about God here. He is all-knowing and all-powerful. This seems so clear yet for many years I bought into what the schools were teaching my about millions and billions of years. It seemed odd at the time and I questioned it but I did not question it enough. As I began to question things there are questions that are simple and others I still don’t have figured out. One is carbon dating. We know that a half-life of carbon is 5,730 years so if you extend that out how can we end up with carbon millions of years old? We can’t. How did nothing decide it needed legs and arms and then a mind? Why don’t we see any half man, half apes today? Why are we stalled out at man and don’t see the next animal after man?

What is next in this great chapter? Day two God separates the expanse or sky, the firmament and the waters and calls the expanse heaven. Another good day, day two. The third day looks like dry ground and waters, earth and seas. Added on day three was vegetation, plants, trees, and it was a good day. Day four God added lights in the heavens and gives us times and seasons. He made the sun and stars and moon for another good day. Day five God inserts seas creatures and every living creature in the water, fish, fills the air with birds and finishes another good day. Day six is separate from other days as God made animals of the land. I know it takes faith to know this is true, but God is making all this with just a thought and out of nothing is everything. To me this is easier faith than to place your faith in thinking that out of chaos came organization. That is like thinking that in a garage with no design a bunch of parts became a race car. Back to day six. We need to stop at verse 26 and catch the word “us” and “our”. Here is one of the clear verses on trinity, not because of the words “us” and “our” because they are not in the original text but because the word “God” is plural English Bibles add the words “us” and “our”. God says man is to be separate from animals and rule over them so don’t let anyone say we are the same as animals. We are not. Verse 27 continues the theme of God making man in His image and added an important concept and that is extremely relevant to today. God says He created male and female, distinct and intentional without error. Do you understand what I am saying? I hope so. God also says to multiply, have children, and eat, plants. God calls out green plants and fruit in particular. Hmmm, interesting. God finishes the verse the chapter the day, day six, with, “it was very good.”

Chapter two will talk about day seven, a day of rest and set it aside as holy as an example for us. He blessed that day and makes the declaration, “God rested from all his work that He had done in creation”. Just to make it clear, God was not tired. He could have done the creation in a day in a second if He wanted. But the rest here is one of relationship, of taking in what has happened, of enjoyment. We are to rest in the same way. Enjoy who God is and worship Him.

Have a great day racin’ in the SONshine,

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