Famous Chapters of the Bible – Psalm 51

An older driver gave a struggling young driver some great advice on setup and the entry and exit of the turners before practice. The crew got to work and the driver ran the fastest he has ever gone. The old driver came to him and the young driver said, “Thank you” and the older driver said, “Now do this and there will be even more speed”. The young driver made the changes and went and qualified the fastest he had ever gone. The roll put him on the pole and the old driver was excited to see how the young lion would do with the new set up and driving style. The green flag flew for the feature and the young driver went right to the back. All the speed was gone. The older driver went up to the young guy afterwards and asked what happened and the young driver said that he had gone back to the original setup and how he used to drive. The older driver asked, “Why”? The younger driver just said, “I don’t know. It felt better. It is more comfortable. That is what I am used to. I know better and that is just wrong.”

I see far too many people like that these days. There are older people that are wise and have great experience and can be so very helpful if only they are listened to. I also see those that will try to make a change but will retreat back to their old ways, stronghold. I can be guilty of this too.

Psalm 51 is a great chapter on sin and how we should deal with it. This chapter can be prayed as sin is uncovered and repentance sought. Do you understand what I am saying there? There are many verses of Scripture that we can pray and this is one of them. Let me know if you would like to learn more about that.

Read Psalm 51:1-3 Psalm 51 starts with a cry to God. A cry for mercy. That is an admission of guilt, of sin, not someone else’s sin but the one in your shoe, the one in the mirror. Listen to the call for mercy. Mercy is not getting what we deserve. What we have coming is death and punishment, a broken relationship with the Almighty Lord God. It is interesting to think about the two things following “according”. The first is God’s steadfast love. That is unwavering or unfaltering love, perfect, pure love of God. Second is God’s abundant mercy. That is His plentiful, more than needed, overflowing mercy. Think about the child at the hose turning it on and getting drenched. That is a good picture of God’s love and mercy only we don’t control the outpouring, God does. The first step in this chapter is to see our sin and the great need we are in and that only God can give us the needed mercy. See the cry for mercy to blot out “my” not someone else’s sin, my sin, my transgressions.

Added to the cry for mercy is to be washed, to be cleansed from the sin. The tenor does not change as the Psalmist says, “from my sin”. We can see the anguish of sin and the depth of the cries. Does your sin bother you to this depth? Do you know your transgressions? Listen to those words again, “my sin is ever before me.” Does sin bother you to the point of wanting, pleading with God to break the stronghold?

Verse four (read 51:4-6) makes a vital statement. The sin is against God. Read that over and stop and think about it. Does it hurt? I know as I sit here and write this, it hurts to think of my sin against the one that loves me so deeply, so vast. David not only says sin but calls out his evil. That drives it even deeper for me. David then sings out, prays out that God is just and blameless in words and in judgment. You caught that right? This is a prayer a song of confession for David but we can pray this same prayer of confession and admission of guilt, of sin.

David knew he had a sin nature and desires from the flesh. He also sees God delights in truth and that he was taught by God wisdom deep in his heart. He sees his heart is wicked and he cries out to be washed. Have you seen sin that you need to cry out for? This week I ask you and challenge myself to get away in a quiet place and deal with sin.

(Read verses 7-15) Verse seven – ten we can hear the confidence David has in God, that he can be washed whiter then snow. Verse 10 continues with a great prayer of crying out to the LORD. David knows there must be change. Are you satisfied with your life or do you yearn to be cleansed and in a continual state of revival and crying out to the LORD? Verse 11 David knows he needs the Holy Spirit and for the Spirit to do a work in him. Next in verses 12-15 we are back to where we were in Philippians two weeks ago – joy, rejoicing over salvation. Do you think back to the day of salvation? Your day of salvation? Do you praise God and thank Him? I hope you do. I know doing that helps me to draw near to God, to worship Him, to witness to a lost world around me, to desire revival.

The last four verses 16-19 Speaks of sacrifice that God wants to see in us and through us. Let’s focus on one last thing here and that is verse 17. God is looking for a broken spirit, a broken and contrite heart. It reminds me of Micah 6:8 He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? God is seeking the humble. Does He see it in you, in me?

Going back to the opening and the young and old driver story. The challenge I see from that story is that we should be changing to be more like Christ and less like self, the old nature. Psalm 51 shows us what steps to take.

  1. sin is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit;
  2. we agree with God that it is offensive, offensive to God;
  3. we call out sin as sin, confession;
  4. we plead with God asking Him to forgive us; including forgiving our self and not using this for excuses
  5. we repent, turn from the sin;
  6. we thank God for who He is and for forgiving us;
  7. we replace the sin and the time with worshiping, reading the Bible, prayer, witnessing, and, or giving.

This is a repeated series as we never come to the place of not having sin to deal with but it is a true mark of a Christian. It is true growth in the LORD.

BE THAT PERSON, THAT CHRISTIAN! Be intentional in dealing with sin.

Have a great day racin’ in the SONshine,

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