Famous Chapters of the Bible – Ephesians 6

There have been a lot of double features lately due to the earlier rainouts so it only seems right to have a double feature chapel on this chapter as there is much in it. It has some great teachings that apply to all.

Let’s get started with verse one. It is a complex oneJ Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. The first word is “children”. We are all children. We have a Mom and a Dad. I know there are some that don’t know who their Mom and/or Dad is but we have all had them. God has a perfect plan and this is part of it. Some of you are adopted and this still applies. Now, what are children to do? Obey. That is where it gets tough. We all want to go our own way but that is not what God wants or plans. It is not what is best or right. So what holds you back from obeying your parent?

In verse two God reminds us that this goes back to His Big Ten, the Ten Commandments. Five words and each one easy to understand. (read Eph. 6:2) What does it mean to honor? From the International Children’s Bible Dictionary it says, “admiration and respect. To honor God is to give Him the highest admiration and respect.” In the Baker Bible Dictionary for Kids honor is not listed. Now do you find that a little curious? I think if I had input in those two volumes I would have included the word “honor” with reference to honoring fathers and moms just so when a kiddo looked it up (I know I am stretching it) they would find the clarity of it. The Greek word used there is Timao and 19 times honor is used and six of those in the context of honoring parents. It is a duty not an option. Thayer’s says, “to estimate, to fix the value”. Do you value your parents? Then show it! It is cool that God gives a promise attached to this. God promises that it may go well with you. That does not mean comfortable or easy, just that a grand blessing is in store for the few that obey this commend. Please, be one of the few!

Now on to Dad. Here again God is clear. Dad’s are not to poke the kiddos to the point of them being angry or bitter. Now kids that is not an excuse, “Oh, my Dad…” Don’t shift the blame. Take the responsibility. But Dad’s need to show some mercy and grace and love. Follow the LORD and His example. Have the right balance in discipline and correction and teaching. Make sure the instruction is from the Word and that the Bible is opened and used as encouragement and gain for the little ones and not so little ones.

Next God instructs workers and bosses. As an employee we are to work hard and do what is right. We are setting an example. We are to keep in mind that we are working for the LORD. Boss, treat your employee well. You too are to do what is right in God sight. Respect is sure a key to being a godly employee or a boss.

Now we go into one of those famous sections of the Bible named the “Armor of God”. The starting point is “be strong in the LORD”. My heart yearns to see myself and others desiring and putting forth the effort to be strong in the LORD. What does that mean to you when you read this and think about it? I think God is ALL! Powerful. There is nothing that can hold Him back. His strength includes victory over all. Why would we be satisfied with human strength, our own strength? In the next verse there is a key word, “whole”. We are to put the whole armor on. Just like last week and thinking about seeking God with our whole heart and loving Him with everything that we are we are to put on each piece of the armor. Leave no opening for the enemy to attack us. Then we are reminded that we are in a battle. We need to recognize that and be up for the fight and be at the ready and alert. That is hard. We as Americans are known to relax and take it easy. Not here. Here we are told of the battle and it is a grand one. It is harsh with an enemy looking to destroy the LORD and His people. So if you are a believer, a Christian, you are going to be attacked and that attack is an ongoing, daily attack by a wicked, evil enemy. He is nasty and a bold face liar. This battle is ongoing behind the scene of this earth. And it is not flesh and blood but a spiritual battle.

Again we are reminded to take up the whole armor and the reason why we are to do this – that we may be able to withstand in the evil times. Would you agree we are in some pretty evil time? Look around. I would agree there is wickedness all around us. There is very little, VERY little discernment between right and wrong and good and evil. God wants us to stand firm but we cannot do that on our own or in our own strength. Remember, we are sheep. Weak and timid sheep.

Here is a little thing from Rayna this summer and her CEF, a little teaser – so what is the armor we are to put on? Come back next week and we will talk about it.

Have a great day racin’ in the SONshine,

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