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First, I just received word from Jefferson Speedway that they will open the season May 30th. It will be great to get back to the track. It’s been a long month, having not gotten started and I’m looking forward to praying with the drivers, teams and staff.

Second, I received a text saying that Madison International Speedway (Oregon, WI) will get their season started May 29th with the Capital Classic Twin 50’s as part of the Alive for 5 Series. Looking forward to get out to MIS and hoping to have chapel as part of the first event. I’m thinking we will start a series of messages on God and who He is. I’m also excited that I will not have duties on the scoreboard and can go back to focusing on the drivers, team, and staff. Especially when there are challenges on the track; not that anyone ever wrecks at MISJ.

Third, I got an invite to go up to Golden Sands Speedway (Plover, WI) with Midwest Truck Series. It is a Memorial Day event and has seen some great racing in the past.

Fourth, Rayna graduated from Ethnos 360 Bible Institute! I am so proud of her. Many would have never worked as hard as Rayna to get where she is. We are looking forward to Lonyea graduating later in the summer. Manny is working the job he’s wanted for a long-time detailing cars. Daniel continues to live out his dream working with horses and even ventured out and purchased his first horse. It is a rescue but he has made great strides with it. Jeremiah has had the biggest struggle during this time out of the gym. He was set to have a big season as he had racked up scores that would have positioned him for a run toward nationals in floor and vault and perhaps overall as well.

 Join us in prayer

Normally by now we are well into the racing season and have had numerous events at multiple tracks in several states, but not this year. Instead we have been in the middle of COVID-19 while cities, states, and the nation try to figure out what we should and should not be doing. So as we get the season started we would ask for prayer:

One, to be wise in what we should and should not be doing for ministry. Down to the details of how to pray with the drivers and teams.

Two, that we would be prepared, and ready to respond as the topic turns to COVID-19. I think too many have gotten caught up in fear, hopelessness and loss. I’m praying this gives me opportunities to share of the One who takes away fear, of the hope we have in Jesus Christ, and of the One that can save the lost unto salvation (sharing the gospel).

Three, that God would grant safety. Safety from the virus. Safety on and off the track. And safety coming and going to and from the track, as well as in the race shops.

Four, as always, that God directs our ministry schedule.

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