Character & Control

We just had the big weekend at the Milwaukee Mile and Father’s Day. What a great weekend and good racing on the Mile. That track is special because of its character and history. It is a tough place with a small groove and long sweeping corners and long straightaway. It is amazing to see the closing speeds. A lot of damage can be done if those closing speeds are not controlled. In the same way older men and Dad’s need to have character and control.

We now move to Titus chapter two where we will see instructions for life. But first, verse one. But as for you, speak the things which are fitting for sound doctrine.

Paul is going to draw attention to sound doctrine for Titus. How important is doctrine to you? What do you know about doctrine? What is sound doctrine to you? The word used here is a word that means solid, wholesome healthy, safe. Doctrine is teaching, instructions. Where is sound doctrine found? It is found in the pages and verses of the Bible. What does it take to have sound doctrine? It takes a lot of work and study. We are blessed to have great tools to study with on the computer. I highly recommend the free site of Blue Letter Bible. You can go pretty deep with it.

Where do you start in study? (1) Read as much as you can and take notes, use a highlighter, underline, write notes in your Bible. (2) Ask questions? What does the Bible say God is, Who is He? Who is Jesus? How are you saved? What is man? Find what the Bible says not what a church says. (3) Find a guy or group of guys to study with and check with what you are finding and thinking. (4) Don’t give up and don’t think you know enough. Keep studying year after year. We could camp here a long time but instead if you would like more please ask me.

Did you catch the word “speak?” We should be talking sound doctrine not what was part of the warning of chapter one of foolish words. See the clear distinction of eternal words and worthless words? What comes out of your mouth most often?

Now we move from leadership to more details of individuals. We start with older men. Interesting that God starts with men. Do you think that was intentional, on purpose? It sure is. Older men are to be temperate, dignified, sensible, sound in faith, in love, in perseverance. Let’s look at the words here that a man should look like, NO more than that a man should live out.

Temperate – sober; clear minded; self-controlled. It is the idea of strength that is controlled for the best of others and those around them. We have to fill our minds and hearts with the LORD, His Word and not with outside influences.

Dignified – honest; character that noble. IS there a day in and day out honest, noble life being lived. What is coming out of our heart? It will show who we are.

Sensible – sound in mind; good senses; again self-controlled, sober-minded. You are right, all three of these words echo the same principle, the principle that older men should have matured in the LORD and be sound in doctrine and in life style. They should be leading people towards the LORD and emulating God. Spiritually healthy and not pushed around by the waves of the world.

Sound in faith – we just covered sound in doctrine and now it is sound in faith. Faith is knowing something is true without seeing it. We all have faith but sound faith is that which is placed in God. It is saying, knowing, agreeing, that if God said it we are going to believe it.

In love – placing others above self. A quick study of love and I can understand why some say that love is God’s most vital attribute. I would point to His holiness but staying on love, we see what drives God and His love and what it looks like. We are to look like Jesus.

In perseverance – steadfast; endurance; patient. We need to stick with our faith and be consistent in our words, actions, faith. That is what a man should and needs to look like and live like. Are you that man? What do you need to do to be that man? It all starts with salvation and builds through growth and obedience, loving the LORD God with all, ALL, your heart, mind, soul, strength. Do you see the importance of having character, character that lines up with God and His measure of a godly man? Do you see how important it is to have control, self-control? I hope you are living to please God and to live holy life. When you fall short are you repenting? Drawing near to God should be our goal as men. Standing firm on the Word of God. Make sure you are not forsaking the assembling together. It is critical that we are together in church weekly and throughout the week. And make sure you have an accountability man along side of you. The battle is real and we can’t allow the evil one to isolate us, to get us alone.

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