Rules for Rookies

What do you think? Should there be special rules for rookies? Should there be more than just the yellow strips on the bumpers? If a rookie is doing their job they have “rules”. The rules don’t get in the way. Don’t wreck. It costs time and money and your development. Know where you are on the track and who is around you. Pay attention. Learn from those that have been around. Focus. No lapse of focus, concentration. Be consistent putting in the time to learn the car and how to communicate the information to the crew.

Likewise urge the young men to be sensible; in all things show yourself to be an example of good deeds, with purity in doctrine, dignified, sound in speech which is beyond reproach, so that the opponent will be put to shame, having nothing bad to say about us. – Titus 2:6-8

There is a great battle going on for men and for women and for marriage. Young men and young women are being attacked in a furious way. It is important for us to follow the instructions given here as to what we should be doing and acting like. The expectations for young men start with being sensible. This is to be of sound mind or a right mind and in this passage it is to be temperate, self-controlled, sober-minded. What an important place to start. Our young men need to make a commitment to this and they need to make a commitment to partner with an older man to learn from, be encouraged from and to have the tough questions answered.

Next for young men is to be an example of good deeds. There are younger men, boys, watching and there are older men watching too. I once saw a young man get saved and he immediately became a walking tract, gospel spreader. He hungered for the Word and to be in church. It challenged many around him. Are you being an example that points to Jesus or to self and the world?

Being an example is followed by a grand call to young men, a call to be pure in doctrine. This is a powerful goal that should be set forth for all of us. Doctrine is vital. What is doctrine? Doctrine is there teaching of and from one that has authority and God is that authority, a perfect ruler and teacher. Doctrine includes a firm statement on who God is according to the Bible and who man is and who Jesus is and who the Holy Spirt is. It is to know the gospel and salvation and the truth of heaven and hell and end times. It is to take a position on the Scriptures (the Bible), on creation, on the trinity. And to have a position on the church and the people of the church, communion, baptism, foot washing and the gifts. All of us should have a doctrinal statement. This takes time and effort and much time searching through the Bible for what God says, not a man or a church but what God says.

Don’t miss the first part of that statement on doctrine and that is purity. Listen to the words that we see within this word purity – incorruptibility; soundness; integrity. They are not compromised. To be pure you have to know the standards and they must be the standards God sets forth. One of the big problems in today’s world is the thought that everyone gets to set the standard but that is not good and is not real, it is not true. Truth is only found in God and to reject Him or try to remove Him is foolishness.

Young men we see next you are to be dignified which is to be serious of purpose or conduct. Honesty is part of this thought. Dignified is succeeded by being truthful, not a liar, and beyond reproach. This takes on the idea of cannot be condemned. Don’t allow anyone to be able to say that you said bad things or acted counter to your words. It is critical to have our words match our actions.

So, young men, rookies, there you have it. You have this set of rules or standards, expectation. Now go out and live by them.

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