Wow, what a cool night last night (September 8, 2010)! I was able to hang out with the Whittens of Tanner Whitten Racing in Rockford, IL. We attended a church youth group and Tanner did an interview in front of about 250 kids. There was some great footage of video shown before and during the interview. After his interview, about 20 respond to the message in one way or another. To God be the glory!

It is our goal to clearly present the message that Jesus is Lord and the only hope for all, but especially to the youth. With Tanner being 17, he is able to reach a unique group. Last night, we set up the car (#85 Late Model) outside the church; placed the hood in the front of the platform, racing equipment in the background and had Jeff and Tanner in chairs for the interview.

One of the many special times happened after the presentation. A good number of the youth went outside and hung around. Tad, Tanner’s Dad, grabbed some Sharpies and gave them to the kids who started signing the hood of Tanner’s car. This gave Tanner some really good openings to share. It was fun just to stand in the background and watch.

We are looking for opportunities to share in other venues. Please contact the Whittens or myself if you have a group that would be open to having the team come and share.


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