Hockey Wrecks

Last night I was able to go to the University of Wisconsin hockey game. I’ve wanted to attend a Wisconsin vs. Minnesota game for many years. It was a great game. Seeing Wisconsin pull out an upset win made it all the more fun.

The guy I sat next to was an amateur fan. I knew that because he was up and down and constantly wanted fights to break out. At one point I leaned over to him and informed him that if our guy would throw a punch, as he wanted, we would have a 4 minute major or maybe a 10 and disqualification. That would not be good for Wisconsin. The “fan” didn’t have a lot to say the rest of the game and his friend said thanks for putting him in his place.

As I was driving home I thought about “race fans” that go to races waiting and hoping for a wreck.

In both cases the “fan” does not under stand the cost. In hockey it’s penalties. In racing it’s potentially an injury, and certainly a car that then has cost to re-build resulting in hours of time by the team away from their families to work on the car. It is costly to wreck.

Then I got serious and thought about the spiritual application. Far too often I do not consider the cost of my sin. If I considered my sins, whether small or large in my eyes, as the serious sin that it is in the sight of God, maybe I would be willing to obey more often than I do. I/we need to take sin very seriously and count the cost; Jesus’ death on the cross. It was a good object lesson and has helped me to think more clearly. Hope this helps you.

See you soon! Have a great day in racin’ in the SONshine,