Listening to God

We had a good night of racing Friday. It was great not to see any big damage this week. I want to thank those that joined in prayer. Jon is doing much better and my wife is also slowly recovering. We will continue to pray for those in MN, the miners and the family’s from New Jersey.

So we had a great teaching moment at our house the other night. Lonyea was racing on her bike with some other kids. They we getting closer to each other so I yelled out not to ride so close and to not dive so hard into the corners. SECONDS later came the crash, followed by crying. It sort of reminded me of what Dave and Ernie said in the driver’s meeting about saying something and some not listening. (not that that would ever happen)

After washing off all the gravel from the we all sat down and talked.

I started by explaining to the kids that when daddy talks we have to stop whatever we are doing and listen. We have to know daddy’s voice and it has to get our attention. It can save us from a lot of hurt. Then I told them to listen carefully why this is so important. Acts 10:33 says “Now we are all here in the presence of God to listen to everything the Lord has commanded you to tell us”. We have to listen to Lord God as we read His Word, as others speak from it, and as the Holy Spirit speaks to us. We have to learn to distinguish between ourselves, the world, and God speaking. Then we have to obey ONLY God and not self or the world. It is not enough just to listen and go on our own. I had to admit that I fall short on this and need to listen and obey more.

I hope this helps you make some Godly choices.

Also please pray for Mike Miller’s mom and the her health.

See you at the track and remember, if I can help, reach out to me at the track or send me an email at: