Roof Tap

Most of the time when there is an incident on the track the fingers come out and pointing begins but some tracks and series have a rule involving tapping the roof of the car. It indicates that the other driver is not at fault. I am not a big basketball fan but I watch some and I see the guys throw their arms up and look to the referee like, “I didn’t do it”, when they hacked the guy. I like the roof tap rule because it gives a sense of ownership credit to the guys who use it. Too often in life we try to not take responsibility. We hear it in the news. We see it at work. Our kids do it (you know it is always the brother). Most importantly is in marriage. When we see it in marriage things really fall apart. All of those areas of life are much better when we take responsibility for our own actions.

In Psalm 51 we see one of the clearest examples of saying, “Yes it is I who sinned” and in verse 4 (Against you, you only, have I sinned and done what is evil in your sight,) it is clear where the sin is. For those of us that have repented and are saved this is important for us to know and act upon. We know there are consequences for sin. One of the consequences is fractured relationships. To mend them we have to admit to the sin, then say sorry, then ask forgiveness. God is faithful and just and will always forgive.

So we get a good example in racing of admitting to wrong doing, taking responsibility, and we need to live it out in our lives. I hope you are living this lesson out today!

Have a great day in the SONshine and see you at a track soon,

Pastor Todd

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