Show Cars (part 1)

We have all seen the show cars of our favorite racers. They are so cool. I have a couple pictures of Matt’s car from Chicagoland. I was thinking about them the other day and I thought about a couple things. Let me share them with you:

We all like to have the picture; we like to be seen with the car or the driver. But is that right? In Romans 12 it says we are not supposed to hang out with the important people and ignore the ordinary. Instead we are to turn that around. Too often we want to be by the big wheel or be seen by so and so. Some of you know that I have worked in the inner-city of New York, with the Salvation Army and with foster care kids. It is great to come along side those that have nothing. We are to reach the hurting; about the only good reason to get along side the rich is to help them give to the needy.

We will continue with part two next week and until then, please get a hold of me if I can help.

Have a great day racin’ in the Sonshine.

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