Jesus in the Mirror

We are open and running. You guys put on a great show Friday. It was good to see the supers back and the good car count. We will be praying for bandits and legends to increase.

I have to start with a reminder to all to pray for Casey Burns and for the Miller’s (Scott and Mike). They have given a lot to the racing community.

Second, we have to thank God for our Mom’s and all they have done.

So I read this week in my Scene magazine that my guy, Morgan Shepherd that Steward had given him tires. I e-mail him weekly to encourage Morgan and he has written back a couple times that some cool things are coming together. I was teasing him about the likelihood of a 66 year old guy having a good year and add to that he is an outspoken Christian. I told him 1 in 6 billion plus all the ones prior to today.

Anyway, he said he was joking with Steward at Talladega, “I know you looked in the mirror and saw that big ol’ yellow Jesus logo and said, ‘Jesus is after me!’” As I thought about that I thought I am so glad Jesus is after me too and you also. God is patient not wanting anyone to perish (1 Peter 3:15). But He does have His ways to get to Him, not our own.

Have you given into Jesus on His terms? Are you following Him on His terms? Are you running after Him as much as He was after you? Have you recognized that Jesus is showing Himself to you? Are you completely sold out to Jesus and is He first in your thoughts and life? I hope so.

Have a great day in the SONshine and see you at the track soon.

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