Track and Event Chapels

We provide chapel services (mini church services) where we spend anywhere from 20 minutes to 50 minutes praying, singing, giving testimonies, and sharing time in God’s Word. We can adapt to an indoor or outdoor setting, inside a tech shed, under the bleachers or just about any other setting. We have been blessed with chapels at MIS, Rockford and LaCrosse this past year.


We are always glad to have a chance to share a short message of what it means. Thank you to Doug and Mid Am who have allowed us to share a short devotion time at their driver meetings. Ask me at any time and I am prepared to give an on the spot two – three minute devotion for any group or individual.


We would be happy to gather a group of people or just another person and study with them whether it is a 10 minute study on race day or a couple hours once or twice a month.

Praying for the drivers, group and individual

One of the great privileges and highlights we have is to speak with God and listen to Him in prayer. At the track we will gladly pray with anyone. We really enjoy praying with fans, crews, staff, and drivers prior to the races. Todd will pray individually and over groups. The key to prayer is knowing the prayer needs. It’s great when people share with us and we are able to pray for them during the week. Prayer is largely about giving thanks to God and acknowledging who He is. Prayer, to a lesser degree, is presenting our requests to Him. We often times get that reversed. Of course, prayer requests are absolutely confidential. We are available to do an invocation at your track.

Personal contact with drivers in accidents and tough times

We are available to be contacted via in person, e mail, phone, or snail mail. We try to follow up on anyone that has been in an accident on the track the following week.

House and hospital calls to racing families in need (family support)

We do hospital visits and home visits for those in need.

Developing, training, mentoring chaplains

One thing we are asking of the LORD is to identify others called to the racing ministry. We will come along side the right person and mentor him on and off site. There are several tracks and series looking for chaplains. This ministry is unique and a balance is needed in knowing the Lord’s timing, consistently being there, knowing God’s Word, and knowing racing.

Being available

Just hanging out at the track. This is a huge part of the ministry. Our goal is to stay out of the and yet be there when needed.

Funerals and assistance

We can officiate at funerals and offer assistance to others who may be doing the officiating.

Track assistance

We are willing to help out where needed, e.g., directing hauls to park, helping with line ups, getting drivers to meetings, etc.


We don’t have all the answers nor do we have much of marriage, parenting, work, finances, etc… figured out but we are willing to help you search God’s Word for answers. There is a wealth of truth available to us if we are willing to put in the work of reading and studying the Bible.

Writing racing themed devotions for web pages, blogs, newspapers, etc…

We get to do a lot of fun and cool things and one of them is to write a Chaplain’s Corner for MIS. We also write studies, devotionals, messages, word studies, subject studies. Todd says, “While I may not be the best writer, I have some good editors to help me out.”

Distribution of Bibles, books, materials

We often have Bibles, tracts, books, and other materials made available for distribution.