Rules for Rookies

What do you think? Should there be special rules for rookies? Should there be more than just the yellow strips on the bumpers? If a rookie is doing their job they have “rules”. The rules don’t get in the way. Don’t wreck. It costs time and money and your development. Know where you are on

The Importance of Women

The racing community has seen many great women in the past, and at every level. I think of a number of women and their impact on racing and introducing young women to the sport. I’m thinking of some who have raced in the Midwest. Some who have won races and others who are joining their

Character & Control

We just had the big weekend at the Milwaukee Mile and Father’s Day. What a great weekend and good racing on the Mile. That track is special because of its character and history. It is a tough place with a small groove and long sweeping corners and long straightaway. It is amazing to see the

Snap, Snap

Every once in a while I think back to my days at Bible school when one of the professors would snap his fingers several times, which meant pay attention. It was like “LISTEN” this is going to be on the test either in school or in life. Well, two weeks ago was one of those


Why is the crew chief so important to the race team? What about the owner of the team? Well, they both provide leadership and leadership is one of the keys to achieving your goals while at the same time setting boundaries for staying on the straight and narrow. We see the importance of leadership in

Key Word, Lots of Power

Are you amazed at the power you see in some guys motors. I know I am. I know it comes down to the amount you spend and who you go to and what you are willing to do to get that power but some just stand out. Bobby Blunt used to run a motor that