Be the Godly Parent God Wants You to Be

This week, as we again had so many things happening around us, and I was reading 1 Samuel, I was reminded of what is really important. Here in the state of Wisconsin there is a political struggle going on. I have heard words thrown around like this, “this is like the Holocaust”, or it is


Happy Presidents Day Today is a day we remember those who have served in the highest office in America. It is a good day to look back through history and see what has happened and upon whose watch it occurred. The Bible says we are to honor our leaders. It does not preface that with,

Banquet Recap

We had the privilege to be at a couple banquets this year. It is always fun to catch up with the guys and see what their plans are for the upcoming season and also to remind them of the protection the Lord provided over the past season. Lyle Nowak was the champion of MASCS. He