Have you watched the parts come off enduro cars or demolition derby cars? Those bumpers are reinforced and so are the side panels. There are a bunch of extra bars, tape, cords and zip ties, etc… holding things together and in preparation for being slammed into. As we have studied through Proverbs we have often

Driving Hard

Have you ever got out of the car and just knew you had driven a great, hard, clean race? Have you looked at the replay and knew you had driven hard, even more than normal, it was special. You kept digging every lap, lap after lap? The night when guys came up afterwards and said,

Memorial Day 2015

In racing there are several memorial races. They are both sad and happy events. Sad in that we miss the person whom the event is named after. Happy because we remember their friendship and accomplishments. A couple of years ago my Dad went on the Honor Flight. It was and is one of the highlights

Can of Worms

Sorry to get you fishermen excited but I am not talking about fishing. Have you ever looked at a job and said “this is not going to be too bad, it will be pretty easy and quick” but in the back of your mind you know it is going to open up a can of