Memorial Day 2016

First off we have to extend our condolences to the DiMaggio family and friends and to the other families involved. Our hearts are heavy. Saying Happy Memorial Day is like saying Happy Easter, it really does not make much sense. Not too much to be happy about on Memorial Day. There are too many who

Instructions to Follow

A close knit team is one of the keys to success on the track. If a team is fractured and going in different directions is it very unlikely that you will get wins or high finishes. It is the same with work and important as a family. Here are some instructions to follow. Proverbs 15:29

If or When

There is always much to pray about. No difference today as we think of several people and families. The kids and I were going up to home school group and talking about sports. We were talking about the mindset that it takes to be a champion. We all agreed that if you go into a