That is Just Crazy

It is crazy to think about some of the things done in the past in racing. No guardrails – crazy. No rollbars or built seats or seatbelts or harnesses – crazy. Flagmen or starters that stood out in the middle of the straightaway – crazy. There are a lot more examples. It is just as

Standing In

You know I have spoken this before but let’s go back to it. Sin is like vomit and remaining in sin is like standing in vomit and not getting out and cleaning it up. Now think with me on this. Often when we travel up by Wisconsin Rapids you smell the paper plants. To me,

What Just Happened?

You have seen the race that gets a little out of control. We had one of those at MIS a few weeks ago. The guys just struggled and were going a few laps and a caution over and over. I have seen times that guys got so heated they go after another driver and I

A False Reality

Praying for those in Texas, in Houston. Also remember those in Montana effected by the fires. I also want to remind those in the racing community to remember those family and friends of Todd Bissman. What a challenging time. It is always cool to see a driver hit a landmark like 100 starts or 10

From Victory Lane to DNS

Racing is a crazy sport. A couple weekends ago Jason Thoma swept things at MIS. He was a fast qualifier, won both features and walked away happy. The very next day at Jefferson in practice something happened in the motor and he had a “did not start.” When we talked he said that you have

My Way

First, another week has come and gone and another week with attacks on life. LORD, how we need revival and wide spread repentance of sin and salvation. I am praying for the families, communities and nations affected by this heinous acts We remember the old Frank Sinatra song, “My Way”. It is a fun song